Lions at Barons

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December 2, 2009
TIP-OFF at 8:15 p.m.
Penn State Altoona Lions at Franciscan University of Steubenville Barons
Finnegan Field House


20:00-Lions control on tip-off.

19:09- The game gets off to a quick offensive start, as the teams exchange          baskets. The score is now 2-2.

17:07- Game looks even through the first three minutes with both teams bringing         plenty of intensity. Lions have taken plenty of shots, but have barely connected. 4-4

15:38- Baron forward Josh Ducoulombier connects on a three-point shot,          putting the Barons up 9-8.

14:09-Another three-point shot by the Barons. This time was a shot from guard Mike Feuz. Game is now tied at 12.

12:33-The past minute has consisted of the Barons continually committing fouls (3 fouls while the Lions have had possession in their offensive zone). Lions have not been able to capitalize. Score still 12-12.

11:08- Uproar from the crowd as Baron Thomas Early stuffs Kirk Peters of the         lions on a lay-up attempt.        

10:21- Justin Kanamine of the Lions hits a three to put the Lions up 16-12.

9:52 – Matt Leidel of the Barons adds two points on an offensive rebound.Barons are controlling it well in the offensive zone. 16-14 Lions.

8:45 – Baron Conner Flannagan converts both of his foul shots. Barons tie it at  16.

7:00- Both teams exchange a pair of three pointers, less than 20 seconds of  each other. Score is tied at 19.

4:14- Barons have firm control of the game and a comfortable lead. 25-19  Barons.

3:38- Conner Flanagan adds to the growing Baron lead with a lay-up. 29-19 Barons.

1:53- The Lions are starting to come back as they have dominated time of         possession over the last three minutes. 29-22 Barons.

0:30- Lions capitalize on Baron foul and convert both foul shots. 29-26 Barons.


    The game began with even play from both sides. Around the seven minute mark, the Barons pulled away with great control in the offensive zone and capitalized on multiple Lion fouls. After the Barons had a ten-point lead, the Lions stepped up on defense and shut the Barons down for the rest of the half. Lions dominated time of posession in the last five minutes of the half and added another seven points. Barons have the lead, but not by much. 29-26 Barons.

                                                         SECOND HALF

19:04- Lions open the second half with a score by Justin Gasberre and come within one point of the Barons. 29-28 Barons.

16:57- Lions finally get the lead on the Barons with another basket by Gasberre. 32-31 Lions. Barons call timeout.

16:17- Gasberre hits a three and add to their lead. 35-31 Lions.

14:14- Barons drain both of their foul shots and come within two of the Lions. 37-35 Lions.

11:59- After going back and forth with multiple turnovers, the Barons sink a three and take the lead 38-37.

11:20- Lions respond quickly with a basket by Eric Gaetano. The Lions take the         lead back 39-38.

10:41- Baron Josh Ducoulombier adds a three pointer and the Barons lead  41-39.

10:22- Lions tie the game with a basket . 41-41. Lions take a timeout.

6:48- Lions take firm control of the game with a basket and a foul shot by Jay D.                      Adamsky. Lions look poised and the Barons seem to have adopted a sense of panic. 48-42 Lions.

4:53- Barons’ Conner Flanagan converts both foul shots and the Barons inch back into the game. 50-46 Lions.

3:42- Big basket! Flanagan of the Barons adds two, as the Barons tighten the score. 50-48 Lions.

2:09- Zach Spitz of the Lions adds a big lay-up to make it a three-point game. 52-49 Lions.

0:35- Three Baron chances fall short as the score remains the same. 52-49 Lions.

0:23- Barons call timeout.

0:12- Spitz of the Lions adds two foul shots. 54-49 Lions.

0:07- Titus of the Barons hits a three, putting the game in reach for the Barons.                                  54-52 Lions.
          Harrison Smith of the Lions adds two foul shots and destroys the Barons’                         chances of a comeback. 56-52 Lions

                                                             GAME OVER
                                                             LIONS WIN

The Barons late comeback attempt fell short, due to the Lions defensive play and their timely foul shooting. The game was very exciting and the lead changed over ten times. Both teams played with plenty of passion and intensity. The Barons fall to 1-4 and the Lions improve to 4-2.

FUS strengths:  The Barons did an efficient job of getting the rebounds and converting     three pointers ( Converted 6).  Josh Ducoulombier played very well and led the team with 16 points and converted two big three pointers.

FUS weaknesses: The Barons turned the ball over in excess.

PSA strengths: The Lions did an amazing job of controlling the time clock and pressing the Barons. They also took advantage of the many fouls by the Barons by converting close to 70% of its their fouls shots. Kirk Peters was the Lions’ leading scorer with 18 points.

PSA weaknesses: The Lions let the Barons back into the game several times when  they had a comfortable lead.

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What an ending….

November 22, 2009 1 comment

       Overtime systems in today’s sports tragically and unaccurately determine who the true winner of tight games are. Some sports are worse than others in that department, but there is no doubt that many of them can and should make a change. These are just some of the sports that fall under this category: 


When the regulation clock hits zero and the score is tied … the key to winning the game is winning the coin toss. The sudden death, first team to score, rule is a very weak way to decide a game. Suggestion: The NFL would be better off and would make the extra time fair if they would play a full 15 minute period or maybe even just a 10 minute period. 


Well this is probably the most confusing overtime system. There is coin toss to see which team will get the ball first. The team that wins that will choose to get the ball or play defense. The offense will get the ball on the 25-yard line and will have a possession to score. If they do not … well im gonna stop myself there. Like I said, this is way too confusing. Suggestion: Simplify the system please! Like i have suggested for the NFL, just play a 15 or 10 minute period and whoever has more points at the end will win.


While the OT system in the NHL is very entertaining, it is very unfair. When the game is tied at the end of regulation, the game goes into a five-minute, four-on-four, period. This part is already unfair to a team that is highly defensive, as four-on-four play leaves a ton of open ice. If there is no score after the five-minute period, the game goes into a three-round shootout, which once again has no consideration for defensive play. The OT does not accurately tell the true winner of the game. Suggestion: Play a normal, five-on-five, 20-minute period. Simplify what is going on and get rid of the shootout. It is entertaining, but unfair.

Baseball has a perfectly fair and classic way to decide it!
         While these sports have terrible OT rules, the league officials need to be concerned less with enetertaining the novice fans, but they need to satisfy the needs and wants of the serious fans!



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Destroy the Wagon

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           There is nothing more annoying in sports than … a bandwagon fan … You might ask yourself, what is a bandwagon fan? and why does this man hate them so much?  Well let me explain! A bandwagon fan is somebody who determines their fan-ship on what team is finding success and I hate them because they disgrace what it means to be a true fan … 


         The Cincinnati Bengals have found great success so far this season and especially when they defeated the champion Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. A day later, I saw more people wearing Bengal jerseys than I have ever seen in my life. Looks like some Bengal fans are showing some conditional love. 


           As the Pittsburgh Penguins pushed themselves through the playoffs and eventually won the cup, fans latched onto them and their following seemed to almost double. When this season began, that huge following had vanished. This is another great example of hoping on the “wagon.”

              These fans need to be stopped; the wagon needs to fall off the trail! Bandwagoners destroy what it means to love and be faithful to a team. True fans stick with their team through the thick and the thin … through the good, the bad and the ugly. True fans should receive credit and praise for their time and support. This credit and praise is now being shared by all fans including the jumpers! 

To all you “bandwagoners”: STAY AWAY FROM MY TEAM! A CONDITIONAL SUPPORT IS NOT NEEDED! You disgrace my fan-hood … almost to the point where I do not want to support my team. I fear that if I show my support than I will be in the same category as you! I will be in the same category as the unfaithful!

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West Coast Toast

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evgeni-malkin-011908          Standing at the top of the Atlantic division, The Penguins should feel comfortable with their 12-5 record thus far this season. However, the last four games have been very rough for the Penguins. 

          After a tough 2-1 loss to the Wild on October 31, the Penguins took the long trip to the west coast for a three-game stint taking on Anaheim, L.A. , and San Jose. Seems like a trio of games that the Pens should have at least won two. However, that was not the case.

          The Pens opened the trip with an ugly 4-3 win over the Ducks of Anaheim. Pittsburgh looked skiddish at best, but were saved by the play of Marc-Andre Fleury and a few mistakes by the Anaheim defense. Next they visited the Staples Center to take on the Kings. All was well until the 3rd period, as the Pens allowed four goals and fell to the hands of Kopitar’s Kings by a score of 5-2. For the last game of the west-coast nightmare, the Penguins fell into the shark tank as San Jose took a huge bite out of the Pittsburgh offense with a 5-0 shutout. 

           The team looked terrible and no excuses should be made. However, if blame is to be placed on anything, it should be on the fact that the Pens were without the services of four key players: Evgeni Malkin, Sergei Gonchar, Tyler Kennedy, and Kris Letang. Not to mention a flu bug had been passed around the team during the trip. As it was visibly seen, the Pens truly missed these players offensively and especially on the Power Play. Three out of five spots on the top PP line were not available and they struggled with a man advantage. 

          These players will be back soon and hopefully the wins will follow…..

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        The boos, the signs, and the banner trailed airplane could not stop iron-man Brett Favre from achieving his much desired revenge on Sunday.

       The Vikings torched the Packers for the second time this season with a score of 38-26. Favre embarrassed the Packer defense by passing for 4 touchdowns and 244 yards in the game.

        Most fans were not friendly to Favre, as many expected. Favre was greeted with a roar of boos as he warmed up and took the field. A number of signs in the stands displayed criticism and hatred towards the QB. Taking the ridicule to another level, fans even ordered a plane to fly over before the game with a banner that said ” Retire 4 good.”

      Even with the success of young QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay ownership and management must admit that they made a terrible mistake on many different levels. Brett Favre is playing some of the best football of his career, which could definetly come in handy for a, at times, shaky offense. By welcoming Favre back with open arms, the Packers could have made their quest to a division championship much smoother, as the Vikings had an obvious QB controversy before picking up Favre. Adding fuel to Favre’s fire, denying him his spot on the team that he had played for and loved for many years has made him seek successful revenge on his old team. In this situation, things could have not gone worse for Green Bay.

      Packer fans feel betrayed and they can not be blamed for feeling that way. Though it seems difficult, the cheeseheads should point their anger towards the management of the team, as they are the ones who made the troublesome decision. Favre did what any normal human being would do in that situation. He couldn’t help but be frustrated with the people that would not take him back. He got his redemption and many, like myself, can not help but feel happy for the guy.

        Rather than show hatred, Packer fans should congratulate and express gratitude for a guy that has given them so much. Blame should be put where it is due and Favre should not be the target……

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Maybe the NFL should have considered making some tweaks to the match-up machine for week seven.  Six games ended with a point differential of more than 25 points. These games were all expected except for one shocker!


New England 35 – Tampa Bay 7

As much as you love to see him fail, Tom Brady had his way even in foggy London town as he racked up three touchdowns in the air and helped the Pats easily defeat the Bucs.SPORTS-US-NFL-LONDON

Green Bay 31 – Cleveland 3

With a normal-miserable Derek Anderson performance, the Green Bay offense and Aaron Rodgers took it to the Cleveland defense.

San Diego 37 – Kansas City 7

The Chargers played great football in every aspect of the game and the Chiefs struggled as usual. Tomlinson and Rivers both had great games!

Indianapolis 42 – St. Louis 6

Well…Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning and the Rams never had a chance in this one.

New York Jets 38 – Oakland 0

The Jets’ running backs ran so well that Mark Sanchez was able to chow down on a hot dog during the game. The Raiders wern’t pulling off an upset this week.


Cincinnati 45 – Chicago 10

Carson Palmer and the Bengals’ offense unexpectedly exploded in the first half and made the bears look bad……really bad. Maybe Jay Cutler wishes he was back in Denver.



Week seven was very easy on the fingernails…..hopefully a trend that will not be seen in the future…..



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        Chad Ochocinco, formerly Chad Johnson, is a 9 year veteran of the NFL, playing all of his career with the Cincinnati Bengals. While having amazing hands and speed, Ochocinco is more widely known for his fanatics and end-zone celebrations. His TD celebrations include: Proposing to a cheerleader, giving the ball CPR, and using the pylon like a 9-iron to take a golf shot.


               Recent (over the past couple seasons) additions to the NFL rule book have put a block on his creative freedom. NFL rules that excessive celebration will result in a 15-yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff and a fine based on league discretion. Group dances, such as the one shown to the left, have also become completely illegal. However, simple celebrations/dances and the always classic “Lambeau  Leap” remain legal…..FOR NOW!

28df7e2bd28c2b7a      Players such as Terrell Owens and the old Randy Moss belong in the same class as Ochocinco as far as celebrations go. Owens once took out a sharpie and signed a ball after scoring a TD in San Francisco. When he still played for the Vikings, Moss decided to taunt the Green Bay crowd by pretending to moon them after scoring.

           Since the NFL has implemented these rules, the game has seem to lose some of its flare, some of its entertainment value. There is something about these creative/ amusing TD celebrations that seems harmless. Frankly, these celebrations are what makes the sport fit for television. Games that are otherwise pointless to certain fans, will be watched by many because of antics of some of these “attention-hoarding” players. 


          On the other hand, without celebrations people still watch the game of football because it is FOOTBALL. People fall in love with the sport and that is why they watch it. Fans are happy with just seeing the game played and do not need to see players hog the camera and make a fool of themselves.

…….but it doesn’t hurt.

So why don’t you do yourself a favor National Football League? Allow players like Ochocinco to have their creative freedom back and return to the fans what they really want to see…….

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