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FT             Remember the old way we enjoyed football? Remember flocking to the your TV with your dad or maybe a couple of friends, hoping for a smash-mouth, comeback, or maybe shootout football game? Remember a time when were carefree about what player scored? or how many times he scored? or maybe not even caring who won the game at all? How about a time where fans were happy just as long as football was played and the sport was entertaining? This time existed not so long ago…..in a land not so far away.

American football is consumed by a disease that has destroyed the way we watch and enjoy football today, a disease called FANTASY FOOTBALL.

Personally, I have become the poster boy for the “disease” and spend many hours a week editing my roster and doing research on the week’s sleepers and busts. FSN and ESPN fill a couple time slots a week with shows that help me attain my expected weekly victory. Online articles are plastered everywhere on sports websites, also providing me with crucial fantasy information. I know more about my starting running back’s injury than he does.

Sunday morning has come, my roster is final, and a check of the weather of the games my players are involved in is complete. With the laptop in front of me, and remote by my side, I am prepared to watch my players collect my much deserved points.

Its 11 o’clock Sunday night and my destiny has been determined (minus the occasional player still playing on Monday night). All of the time spent during the week and on Sunday is rendered pointless or time well spent.

Yes, I know what your thinking, “this guy is sad, he has no life, Its just a game.” You are correct, but this disease not only affects me, but many males and females-young and old-across the American football loving kingdom.

My point is that many fans, like myself, are watching football for the wrong reason. It’s not about the stories, It’s not about the underdog, It’s not about the beauty of the game, It’s about STATS STATS STATS, but that hasn’t stopped me and never will.

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