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        Chad Ochocinco, formerly Chad Johnson, is a 9 year veteran of the NFL, playing all of his career with the Cincinnati Bengals. While having amazing hands and speed, Ochocinco is more widely known for his fanatics and end-zone celebrations. His TD celebrations include: Proposing to a cheerleader, giving the ball CPR, and using the pylon like a 9-iron to take a golf shot.


               Recent (over the past couple seasons) additions to the NFL rule book have put a block on his creative freedom. NFL rules that excessive celebration will result in a 15-yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff and a fine based on league discretion. Group dances, such as the one shown to the left, have also become completely illegal. However, simple celebrations/dances and the always classic “Lambeau  Leap” remain legal…..FOR NOW!

28df7e2bd28c2b7a      Players such as Terrell Owens and the old Randy Moss belong in the same class as Ochocinco as far as celebrations go. Owens once took out a sharpie and signed a ball after scoring a TD in San Francisco. When he still played for the Vikings, Moss decided to taunt the Green Bay crowd by pretending to moon them after scoring.

           Since the NFL has implemented these rules, the game has seem to lose some of its flare, some of its entertainment value. There is something about these creative/ amusing TD celebrations that seems harmless. Frankly, these celebrations are what makes the sport fit for television. Games that are otherwise pointless to certain fans, will be watched by many because of antics of some of these “attention-hoarding” players. 


          On the other hand, without celebrations people still watch the game of football because it is FOOTBALL. People fall in love with the sport and that is why they watch it. Fans are happy with just seeing the game played and do not need to see players hog the camera and make a fool of themselves.

…….but it doesn’t hurt.

So why don’t you do yourself a favor National Football League? Allow players like Ochocinco to have their creative freedom back and return to the fans what they really want to see…….

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