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Maybe the NFL should have considered making some tweaks to the match-up machine for week seven.  Six games ended with a point differential of more than 25 points. These games were all expected except for one shocker!


New England 35 – Tampa Bay 7

As much as you love to see him fail, Tom Brady had his way even in foggy London town as he racked up three touchdowns in the air and helped the Pats easily defeat the Bucs.SPORTS-US-NFL-LONDON

Green Bay 31 – Cleveland 3

With a normal-miserable Derek Anderson performance, the Green Bay offense and Aaron Rodgers took it to the Cleveland defense.

San Diego 37 – Kansas City 7

The Chargers played great football in every aspect of the game and the Chiefs struggled as usual. Tomlinson and Rivers both had great games!

Indianapolis 42 – St. Louis 6

Well…Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning and the Rams never had a chance in this one.

New York Jets 38 – Oakland 0

The Jets’ running backs ran so well that Mark Sanchez was able to chow down on a hot dog during the game. The Raiders wern’t pulling off an upset this week.


Cincinnati 45 – Chicago 10

Carson Palmer and the Bengals’ offense unexpectedly exploded in the first half and made the bears look bad……really bad. Maybe Jay Cutler wishes he was back in Denver.



Week seven was very easy on the fingernails…..hopefully a trend that will not be seen in the future…..



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