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        The boos, the signs, and the banner trailed airplane could not stop iron-man Brett Favre from achieving his much desired revenge on Sunday.

       The Vikings torched the Packers for the second time this season with a score of 38-26. Favre embarrassed the Packer defense by passing for 4 touchdowns and 244 yards in the game.

        Most fans were not friendly to Favre, as many expected. Favre was greeted with a roar of boos as he warmed up and took the field. A number of signs in the stands displayed criticism and hatred towards the QB. Taking the ridicule to another level, fans even ordered a plane to fly over before the game with a banner that said ” Retire 4 good.”

      Even with the success of young QB Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay ownership and management must admit that they made a terrible mistake on many different levels. Brett Favre is playing some of the best football of his career, which could definetly come in handy for a, at times, shaky offense. By welcoming Favre back with open arms, the Packers could have made their quest to a division championship much smoother, as the Vikings had an obvious QB controversy before picking up Favre. Adding fuel to Favre’s fire, denying him his spot on the team that he had played for and loved for many years has made him seek successful revenge on his old team. In this situation, things could have not gone worse for Green Bay.

      Packer fans feel betrayed and they can not be blamed for feeling that way. Though it seems difficult, the cheeseheads should point their anger towards the management of the team, as they are the ones who made the troublesome decision. Favre did what any normal human being would do in that situation. He couldn’t help but be frustrated with the people that would not take him back. He got his redemption and many, like myself, can not help but feel happy for the guy.

        Rather than show hatred, Packer fans should congratulate and express gratitude for a guy that has given them so much. Blame should be put where it is due and Favre should not be the target……

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