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Destroy the Wagon

           There is nothing more annoying in sports than … a bandwagon fan … You might ask yourself, what is a bandwagon fan? and why does this man hate them so much?  Well let me explain! A bandwagon fan is somebody who determines their fan-ship on what team is finding success and I hate them because they disgrace what it means to be a true fan … 


         The Cincinnati Bengals have found great success so far this season and especially when they defeated the champion Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. A day later, I saw more people wearing Bengal jerseys than I have ever seen in my life. Looks like some Bengal fans are showing some conditional love. 


           As the Pittsburgh Penguins pushed themselves through the playoffs and eventually won the cup, fans latched onto them and their following seemed to almost double. When this season began, that huge following had vanished. This is another great example of hoping on the “wagon.”

              These fans need to be stopped; the wagon needs to fall off the trail! Bandwagoners destroy what it means to love and be faithful to a team. True fans stick with their team through the thick and the thin … through the good, the bad and the ugly. True fans should receive credit and praise for their time and support. This credit and praise is now being shared by all fans including the jumpers! 

To all you “bandwagoners”: STAY AWAY FROM MY TEAM! A CONDITIONAL SUPPORT IS NOT NEEDED! You disgrace my fan-hood … almost to the point where I do not want to support my team. I fear that if I show my support than I will be in the same category as you! I will be in the same category as the unfaithful!

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