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What an ending….

       Overtime systems in today’s sports tragically and unaccurately determine who the true winner of tight games are. Some sports are worse than others in that department, but there is no doubt that many of them can and should make a change. These are just some of the sports that fall under this category: 


When the regulation clock hits zero and the score is tied … the key to winning the game is winning the coin toss. The sudden death, first team to score, rule is a very weak way to decide a game. Suggestion: The NFL would be better off and would make the extra time fair if they would play a full 15 minute period or maybe even just a 10 minute period. 


Well this is probably the most confusing overtime system. There is coin toss to see which team will get the ball first. The team that wins that will choose to get the ball or play defense. The offense will get the ball on the 25-yard line and will have a possession to score. If they do not … well im gonna stop myself there. Like I said, this is way too confusing. Suggestion: Simplify the system please! Like i have suggested for the NFL, just play a 15 or 10 minute period and whoever has more points at the end will win.


While the OT system in the NHL is very entertaining, it is very unfair. When the game is tied at the end of regulation, the game goes into a five-minute, four-on-four, period. This part is already unfair to a team that is highly defensive, as four-on-four play leaves a ton of open ice. If there is no score after the five-minute period, the game goes into a three-round shootout, which once again has no consideration for defensive play. The OT does not accurately tell the true winner of the game. Suggestion: Play a normal, five-on-five, 20-minute period. Simplify what is going on and get rid of the shootout. It is entertaining, but unfair.

Baseball has a perfectly fair and classic way to decide it!
         While these sports have terrible OT rules, the league officials need to be concerned less with enetertaining the novice fans, but they need to satisfy the needs and wants of the serious fans!



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  1. Dr. L
    December 1, 2009 at 12:37 pm

    When NCAA football first changed its rules to allow for OT, I thought the way that was chosen was too weird, that it would not be effective. But now, it seems like the best way to settle the game. Both teams have an opportunity to score. The NFL should adopt either a full quarter or use the NCAA system. The current system is not a good way to settle a tie.

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