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Lions at Barons

December 3, 2009 Leave a comment

December 2, 2009
TIP-OFF at 8:15 p.m.
Penn State Altoona Lions at Franciscan University of Steubenville Barons
Finnegan Field House


20:00-Lions control on tip-off.

19:09- The game gets off to a quick offensive start, as the teams exchange          baskets. The score is now 2-2.

17:07- Game looks even through the first three minutes with both teams bringing         plenty of intensity. Lions have taken plenty of shots, but have barely connected. 4-4

15:38- Baron forward Josh Ducoulombier connects on a three-point shot,          putting the Barons up 9-8.

14:09-Another three-point shot by the Barons. This time was a shot from guard Mike Feuz. Game is now tied at 12.

12:33-The past minute has consisted of the Barons continually committing fouls (3 fouls while the Lions have had possession in their offensive zone). Lions have not been able to capitalize. Score still 12-12.

11:08- Uproar from the crowd as Baron Thomas Early stuffs Kirk Peters of the         lions on a lay-up attempt.        

10:21- Justin Kanamine of the Lions hits a three to put the Lions up 16-12.

9:52 – Matt Leidel of the Barons adds two points on an offensive rebound.Barons are controlling it well in the offensive zone. 16-14 Lions.

8:45 – Baron Conner Flannagan converts both of his foul shots. Barons tie it at  16.

7:00- Both teams exchange a pair of three pointers, less than 20 seconds of  each other. Score is tied at 19.

4:14- Barons have firm control of the game and a comfortable lead. 25-19  Barons.

3:38- Conner Flanagan adds to the growing Baron lead with a lay-up. 29-19 Barons.

1:53- The Lions are starting to come back as they have dominated time of         possession over the last three minutes. 29-22 Barons.

0:30- Lions capitalize on Baron foul and convert both foul shots. 29-26 Barons.


    The game began with even play from both sides. Around the seven minute mark, the Barons pulled away with great control in the offensive zone and capitalized on multiple Lion fouls. After the Barons had a ten-point lead, the Lions stepped up on defense and shut the Barons down for the rest of the half. Lions dominated time of posession in the last five minutes of the half and added another seven points. Barons have the lead, but not by much. 29-26 Barons.

                                                         SECOND HALF

19:04- Lions open the second half with a score by Justin Gasberre and come within one point of the Barons. 29-28 Barons.

16:57- Lions finally get the lead on the Barons with another basket by Gasberre. 32-31 Lions. Barons call timeout.

16:17- Gasberre hits a three and add to their lead. 35-31 Lions.

14:14- Barons drain both of their foul shots and come within two of the Lions. 37-35 Lions.

11:59- After going back and forth with multiple turnovers, the Barons sink a three and take the lead 38-37.

11:20- Lions respond quickly with a basket by Eric Gaetano. The Lions take the         lead back 39-38.

10:41- Baron Josh Ducoulombier adds a three pointer and the Barons lead  41-39.

10:22- Lions tie the game with a basket . 41-41. Lions take a timeout.

6:48- Lions take firm control of the game with a basket and a foul shot by Jay D.                      Adamsky. Lions look poised and the Barons seem to have adopted a sense of panic. 48-42 Lions.

4:53- Barons’ Conner Flanagan converts both foul shots and the Barons inch back into the game. 50-46 Lions.

3:42- Big basket! Flanagan of the Barons adds two, as the Barons tighten the score. 50-48 Lions.

2:09- Zach Spitz of the Lions adds a big lay-up to make it a three-point game. 52-49 Lions.

0:35- Three Baron chances fall short as the score remains the same. 52-49 Lions.

0:23- Barons call timeout.

0:12- Spitz of the Lions adds two foul shots. 54-49 Lions.

0:07- Titus of the Barons hits a three, putting the game in reach for the Barons.                                  54-52 Lions.
          Harrison Smith of the Lions adds two foul shots and destroys the Barons’                         chances of a comeback. 56-52 Lions

                                                             GAME OVER
                                                             LIONS WIN

The Barons late comeback attempt fell short, due to the Lions defensive play and their timely foul shooting. The game was very exciting and the lead changed over ten times. Both teams played with plenty of passion and intensity. The Barons fall to 1-4 and the Lions improve to 4-2.

FUS strengths:  The Barons did an efficient job of getting the rebounds and converting     three pointers ( Converted 6).  Josh Ducoulombier played very well and led the team with 16 points and converted two big three pointers.

FUS weaknesses: The Barons turned the ball over in excess.

PSA strengths: The Lions did an amazing job of controlling the time clock and pressing the Barons. They also took advantage of the many fouls by the Barons by converting close to 70% of its their fouls shots. Kirk Peters was the Lions’ leading scorer with 18 points.

PSA weaknesses: The Lions let the Barons back into the game several times when  they had a comfortable lead.

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